With the increase in Covid-19 numbers in Marion County we ask that visitors to the farm please wear a mask and maintain social distancing.


Our employees will also wear masks while assisting with your requests.

We value our employees and our customers' health.


Thank you for your

In an effort to keep all our customer safe during this Coronavirus/Covid-19 threat we are offering to you the opportunity to still get fresh produce. 

You can call in your order, pay for it via credit/debit card, we will give you a pick up time, and when you arrive we will put the produce into your vehicle to minimize your exposure and ours.

Our drive-in farm service has been working so well we are going to try and accommodate those who can only pick up on Saturday or Sunday. 


For pickup on Saturday or Sunday you must call in your order NO LATER THAN 2:00 P.M. on FRIDAY.

We cannot take orders on Saturday or Sunday since our office is closed. 

Call us at 352-595-3377 to make an order


Who Are We?

Two conservation-addicted women first bought 80 acres in 1986 in northeast Marion County, Florida, north central Florida, We planted our first organic garden in 1987.
Over several following years, additional parcels became available; Crones’ Cradle Conserve now stewards 756 acres.
Crones’ Cradle Conserve is named:
Crone - to honor elder folk who are often ignored, neglected, and forgotten;
Cradle - because of our commitment to nurture the earth, its wildlife, and people in physical, emotional, and spiritual need and recovery;
Conserve - because the land is conserved, as are foods and values.
In 2010, CCC became a non-profit business and added the word Foundation to the name.
CCCF identified two areas needing restoration when they began. One, wetlands restoration, in a first time private-public partnership with a state agency,  enabled the return of over 200 acres to original water flow and wetlands habitat. This project is 85% completed.
The second restoration area is the removal of almost 400 acres of planted pine and restoring native Southern Yellow Pine, thus improving Gopher Tortoise and dozens of other native wildlife habitat. This project is 65% completed.
The Cradle received recognition as a Florida Stewardship Forest in 2010 from the Florida Department of Forestry.
CCCF is a  natural farm, raising more than 50 vegetables, 25 herbs, and nearly one dozen fruits for sale to people, many of whom have chosen to take responsibility for their food and health. Many wild fruits grow on the farm, and are used in food dishes, jams, jellies, and wines.
CCCF works to honor the early pioneers and demonstrate the usefulness of their skills by presenting abilities workshops which may enable higher current living standards if adopted.
Sustainability is the underlying theme of all the Conserve’s endeavors. Sustainability, conservation, prudence, and frugality is practiced and preached. The ultimate priority of the Conserve is protecting and respecting the earth. We work to enable people to become aware and committed to their earth through our farming, conservation, restoration, activities and philosophy.